How often do you give yourself a “mental health physical?”  Do you ever sit back and assess how your relationship with your significant other is going, how you are feeling as a parent, and how you are faring as a friend?  How many times in a day are you smiling?  Are you able to accomplish the goals you set forth each day?  It is just as important to be aware of your mental health as it is your physical health.  At times, we may feel overwhelmed with change, burdened by numerous responsibilities, and that relationships are depleting our emotional energy.  Take a step back and find ways to nourish yourself.  (1) Relax.  Don’t plan anything.  Take a mental health day from work.  Slow down your mind and your activity. (2) Include in your day 1-2 things that you truly enjoy and that you are not obligated to do.  It could be having a cup of tea each afternoon, messaging a friend on Facebook, or watching your favorite TV show.  Make sure it makes you smile on the inside.  (3) Get a massage or go to a yoga class.  Both are great ways to bring back positive energy into your life.

In good health,