I recently read this excerpt in my e-newsletter of the Yoga Journal.  I love the visual it creates and using this perspective when faced with barriers and problems.

An energy continuum is like a fuel gauge: Positive thinking brings you to full, where you’re creative and happy, while negativity inches you toward empty. An easy way to cultivate a positive outlook is to suggest three solutions to every problem. No matter how wacky, they’ll automatically begin to raise your fuel gauge and open your mind to new possibilities. And that’s when genuine, innovative solutions can be found.

As you move through your day and week think about what energizes you and what depletes you.  Oftentimes anxiety, stress, anger, frustration can be exhausting for your muscles, for your adrenals, and for your state of mind.  You may feel more energized and lighter if you choose to focus on solutions, inspirations, and next steps.

In good health, Sarah