What’s a Dig In??

Each participant will share a stuck/challenging spot you have with couples with Sarah & Angela before the dig in (bonus if you have video to share!). We’ll pull together 2-3 challenges for the group to focus on when we come together. Based on this stuck/challenging spot we’ll spend time “digging in” to each partner’s position and the therapist’s position (self of therapist work). Our aim is to stretch ourselves, brainstorm, role play, test interventions, and try out new words. Practice and process. Practice and process. Our aim is to keep the “dig in” dynamic, energetic, and thought provoking!

Important Details:

  • Date: Friday, October 20, 2023
  • Time: 10am-3pm, with a 60 minute lunch break. There are numerous food options within a few blocks of our location.
  • Location: 1633 Q St NW Suite 230, Washington DC
  • Small group: 8-10 people

Prerequisites: This is for more experienced EFT practitioners. Ideal for those actively working toward certification for 2+ years, certified, supervisor candidates, and supervisors.

Cost: $150

To register: email Sarah at sarah@wbceft.com to sign up.